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Our mission is to rebuild The City of Aliquippa into a competitive urban community,
which attracts residents and businesses,
because of our positive image, strong character, and progressiveness.


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Attention Aliquippa City Residents:

According to ARTICLE II, Entitled Administration

§ 158-5. Building Permits required

Building permits shall be required before any construction or development is undertaken within any area of the City of Aliquippa.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day Celebration

Planting Our Love Seeds Together to Reap a Harvest of Love

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Chief, Here is a picture to share. The kids really enjoyed you coming to accept the fleece blankets. You have to understand this is HUGE for my students! Some of my students would have never been able to do something like this with or without help a few years ago. Most of them have come such a long way as far as socialization and interacting with one another! It is always great to see the community work together with the students it means a lot to them!

Jaime Mecchia
Aliquippa Elementary School
Life Skills Support Grades 4-6

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Service to Opportunity

Chevron, Colcom Foundation and Allegheny Conference Launch Service to Opportunity, Matching Vets with Pittsburgh Region's In-Demand Energy and Manufacturing Jobs

Veterans in Energy & Manufacturing

Autumn Leaf Recycling

Autumn Leaf Recycling

Begins October 20th, 2014

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One Aliquippa Action Volunteer Team

April 2014 Report to Municipalities and School Districts

Winter Newsletter

Informational letter to Mayor Walker about the seismic survey

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Offical City flags for sale
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Jubilee: Images of America - Aliquippa

Biography / Public Introduction of Mayor Dwan B. Walker

Photos of Mayor Walker's trip to Nigeria

Financial Aid Workshop

Our Motto

One Aliquippa, All Hands on Deck


Who we Are

A young man who moved some years back to a new job in Western Pennsylvania wrote his mother about his first impressions:

“Dear Mom,” he said. “Pittsburgh is a strange place.

People actually line up on the sidewalk to get on the bus,” he continued. “When you get into a crowded elevator, everyone is on a first-name basis by the time you hit the fifth floor!

“And — Would you believe? — drivers actually yield to one-another at four-way stop signs!”

His impressions, although slightly exaggerated, point out that Western Pennsylvania indeed is a friendly place to live and work. And — yes — drive.

We in Aliquippa share that heritage in particular. Our town is a town where people talk to their neighbors, where the concept of “family” extends beyond residential property lines.

That's because we Aliquippans come from a heritage that is uniquely American: a blend of people from all races and nationalities sharing the same experiences over our 250-year history.

So, if you live in Aliquippa, you are family.

Many of us come from multiple generations of workers who sweated in the J&L plant's BOF shop and pickling plant, poured and molded steel together and shared our lunch buckets. Our families came together on a daily basis for any manner of social activity from shopping on Franklin Avenue to picnicking and swimming in a town park. (See 'History' on this site.)

We're proud of the people who came from our midst — like the great musician—composer Henry Mancini from West Aliquippa and football legend Mike Ditka, who once coached our high—school football team.

These names speak of our heritage because we are a city of immigrants: English from our 18th—19th century origins and Irish, Italians, Germans, Slovaks and Poles in successive waves of people who came to work in the mill in the early decades of the 20th Century. The city was further enriched in the post—World War II era by a wave of African—American families, many from the South, to get jobs in the steel mill.

Our town in Western Pennsylvania is an exciting place to live, work and grow. Explore our site, and you will discover a unique combination of diverse lifestyle, community spirit and economic potential that few American communities can offer.




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